The Cell Phone Camera Diet Plan

Japanese businessmen don’t have time to be reading about the Atkins diet, nor do they have space in their briefcases for cans of SlimFast. Instead, for $20-30 a month, Osaka-dwellers are taking advantage of an awesome new diet plan devised by a collaboration of 150 local governments and medical facilities whereby people can take a picture of their meal with their cell phone cameras and then e-mail it to a nutritionist on stand-by for detailed caloric facts and sage advice.

Obesity, high cholesterol, and metabolic syndrome have been on the rise among the aging Japanese. The cell phone picture diet works for multiple reasons:

1. Everyone has a cell phone.
2. The Japanese like customized, hands-on advice from a trustworthy human much more than the read-the-directions-on-the-box approach that is commonly used in the US.
3. This way, they can still eat whatever the hell they want in the meantime, plus or minus a few things that might be too salty or fatty.

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