Sleek Cubic Extension Cord Hides Ugly Wires


My apartment’s pretty fly but extension cords are ugly and wiry and they make the hardwood floor look like a hardware store. Here’s a simple but classy solution. This tapbox by Japanese design company ideaco hides four extra plugs under these sleek red and silver 4x4x4 cubes, which will sit quietly and beautifully in any room corner.

So far they’re only made for Japan, but since Japan and the US use pretty much the same voltage, you can just buy a few of those three-prong to two-prong adapters at the hardware store and import yourself one of these.


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One thought on “Sleek Cubic Extension Cord Hides Ugly Wires

  1. Alimente, Organize e Esconda seus Cabos Elétricos

    Os designers japoneses da Ideaco criaram esse cubo que alimenta, organiza e esconde os cabos de energia dos seus gadgets. A TapBox é na verdade uma extensão elétrica com espaço para 4 tomadas. A TapBox é feita de resina…