Japan’s First Lesbian Politician

Otsuji_2One of the Democratic Party of Japan’s official candidates for the parliamentary election this summer is Kanako Otsuji, a 32-year old openly gay woman from Osaka.

Otsuji came out to the public in August 05 at the Tokyo Pride Parade and made this statement: "I want to establish a society where everybody can be who they really are." You go lady!

She’s already made some progressive moves in Osaka: In October 05, she helped institute the House Sharing System that provided government-subsidized homes for gay couples; and most recently, earlier this year, she made her second statement telling the public about Gender Identity Disorder and got it adopted by the Osaka Assembly. Otsuji’s the first gay woman to run in the national elections, but the local elections in Osaka–which took place in April–had 4 LGBT canditates, of which one M2F (male-to-female transgender) politician, Aya Kamikawa, was elected.

I’m totally gonna vote for her. If I remember to vote, that is.


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