24K Gold $300 Facial


No, this is not a picture of a display case at the Egyptian Mummy Museum. This is an actual human, a Japanese human that’s very much alive, and is in the middle of being pampered with this 24 karat gold facial which costs 30,000 yen. (Close to $300) Not bad for a gold treatment, I’d say–a normal facial could easily cost $100. It’s a bargain, whoopee!!

If this looks worth the money to you, this treatment will be available from beauty treatment company Umo Inc. soon. (UMO is a play on words with UFO, standing for Unidentified Micro-particle Object.)

4 thoughts on “24K Gold $300 Facial

  1. 24K Gold $300 Facial to pamper your soul and beauty

    It’s not that we are unknown to the fad that Divas go to great lengths to look beautiful, even if it cost a fortune. Probably, they firmly believe, “beauty is priceless.” To an untrained eye, this would seem as a mummy right from the Egyptian souvenir…

  2. Is there any word on the supposed benifits of this? I mean, wouldn’t little bits of gold possible CLOG your pores? Seems kinda strange. Then again – most things you post about are a bit odd. Love them all though.