1-Click: Japanese Guys In Wife Beaters


I just spent twenty minutes watching these dozen silly Japanese ojisan (middle-aged men) running around toting this click arrow across my computer screen. Hey, you can do it too! Just click on the photo, wait for the gray circle to load, and then move your mouse around in it.

It’s funny! Anyone who has a Japanese dad knows that they wear this wife-beater + cotton legging set under their business suits every day; and anyone who has ever been to a Japanese street festival knows that these men are experts at carrying portable Shinto shrines (omikoshi) on their shoulders while making noises that express cooperation and motivation.

Depending on which direction you move your mouse in, the ojisans scream out "right! right!" or "forward! forward!" etc. When you stop moving, they go into resting pose and go "Aaaahhh." Funnnyyyy.

1-click Award
(Thanks, Kenji!)

2 thoughts on “1-Click: Japanese Guys In Wife Beaters

  1. I don’t know about 20 – but I spent a few minutes dragging them around and giggling at them. I swear I heard one say “Abunai” when they got close to the edge…