Dr. Sha’s Organ Downloads on Wired.com

My article about spiritual healer Dr. Sha is the headliner for Wired News today. It’s fun! Read it:

It’s a typical Monday afternoon here in the city, but something very
unusual is happening in Stacey’s Bookstore on Market Street. Sha Zhi
Gang, a licensed medical doctor and acupuncturist from China, is
downloading a new lung into a Sacramento lawyer’s body.

The lawyer, Kevin Iams, had gone through three rounds of
chemotherapy over the last two years, but the cancer is back again. He
is getting desperate, he said, and turned to Sha for help.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Sha’s Organ Downloads on Wired.com

  1. Forgive me, but… I don’t understand what he actually, physically does. At first I thought this article referenced to doctors and surgeons using robotics instead of their own hands, but I get the impression that he simply uses prayer and mantra? Help, I’m daft today!

  2. Much or Dr. Sha’s basic teachings are very good. But beware how far he goes with it: Dr. Sha makes incredible claims and charges obsene amounts of money. In short, he believes that he has been given special power from the “Divine” to transplant souls. So he has transplanted the Soul of Jesus (and a few other saints) to himself, and charges $5000 to transplant souls of other saints to his followers (that’s after they’ve met the prerequisite of a $2000 Karma cleansing and all the courses they have to take). Recently he has said there has been an immaculate conception ‘just like Mary’ in China. Thats getting a little far out there, dont you think? Yet he says he is not teaching a religion.
    ex-followers are starting to tell their story about this new religion on the forums.
    here are a few of them.