Abused Woman Arrested For Visa Violations

TraffA story about a kidnapped sex worker in the news today highlights a classic problem in Japan concerning trafficking and immigration.

A 37-year old Chinese sex worker in Tokyo was walking home early in the morning when a group of men gagged her, tied her up, threw her in a truck, beat her, and then made repeated phone calls to her friend asking for ransom money.

She was released today for no known reason, and arrived at her friend’s house on a cab. They called the cops. The cops arrested the kidnapped Chinese sex worker.

Okay do you see why this is really fucked up? True, the woman was guilty of violating her visa provisions and being in Japan illegally. But hello. She’s a kidnapping and abuse victim. And I am almost willing to bet that part of the reason she was kidnapped was because she was involved in one of the many trafficking rings that manipulates a vast majority of foreign sex workers in Japan in one way or another. If anyone learned a lesson from this incident, it’s probably this: foreign sex workers learning that they should not report things like abuse, kidnapping, and trafficking to the cops because they could be deported.

It’s the wrong lesson.

For more about trafficking in Japan, please read my Metropolis article.

2 thoughts on “Abused Woman Arrested For Visa Violations

  1. That’s really sad. In the U.S. I think the reaction would have been different. Sure, the woman would have been in trouble for her violation of her visa – but she also would have gotten justice because the police have little tolerance for violence against women. ((On a side note, I find it ironic that the Google ads on the page showed up as sex offender database sites))
    As always – thanks for posting Lisa!

  2. honestly… sex workers should have equal rights in any country… they may be getting freaky but hey, how else are they going to pay the bills?