A Water Gun For Your Butt


The portable toilet system in Japan is really taking off. First it was the wooden heated water-spraying toilet for the elderly and disabled. But what if you want the benefits of the butt bath without having to carry the entire bowl around? Well now toilet giant Toto –which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year–has come out with this portable water spray for cleaning your butt after you poop.

It’s actually a real marketable product, and here’s why: People living in Japan are so used to having these spray mechanisms on every public and private toilet, that when they go abroad, they sometimes realize that they’ve forgotten how or don’t really want to bother to wipe.

This way, by simply carrying around a spray can that looks and works like Reddi Whip, everyone can have a clean butt. Even those who don’t want to wipe.


Product page (Japanese) [via Impress Watch]

5 thoughts on “A Water Gun For Your Butt

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  2. Klein, handlich und für unterwegs

    Diese Intimdusche namens Toto ist so kompakt, dass sie in jede Handtasche passt. Nur wer kommt auf solch eine Idee, so was zu erfinden? Richtig, das können nur die Japaner gewesen sein ;-). Im Land der aufgehenden Sonne wird…