Zatoichi Was NOT The First Man In My Life After All


Got a note from my mommy this morning with a correction to the Zatoichi post:


I used to watch Sugata Sanshiro and Kogarashi Monjiro–not Zatoichi!  They were more handsome than Katsu Shintaro–Takewaki Muga and Nakamura Atsushi. I also used to want to watch baseball every night when I was pregnant with you.

Love, Mom

Baseball and fighting samurai. Ball sports, swords, and honorable battle. That’s what I was fueled with as a fetus!

3 thoughts on “Zatoichi Was NOT The First Man In My Life After All

  1. Chalk up another huge Zatoichi fan. Zatoichi ga daisuki desu yo!
    I enjoyed the “modern” Beat Takeshi version, though I found the CGI blood a tad quirky. I mean, blood is flowing everywhere, but their shirts don’t get stained? Odd indeed. And don’t get me started on the tapdancing musical final!