Rent-A-Blow Up Doll


Blow-up dolls cost up to $5,000 a head, and not everyone wants one to keep at home. Sometimes, you just need a quickie. That’s why there are an increasing number of businesses in Japan that pimp them out to clients the same way the human sex industry. In the blow-up doll escort service industry, the mannequins-for-hire are put into golf bags and brought to your house for a fee of about 5000 yen an hour. Or, you could have a romantic long weekend with it for about 35,000 yen. ($300) Not much more than a rental car, and much cheaper than buying your own blow-up doll. And if you don’t want the doll to find out where you live, you could go to a "love doll rental room," which can also be rented by the hour for about 9,000 yen an hour.

Yeah, I know. Borrowing a used blow-up doll is pretty nasty. It reminds me of the time a bunch of the guys in my high school bought this pink rubbery masturbation tool called "my friend" and passed it around.

These days, blow-up dolls are super high-tech, made of soft vinyl, urethane, and silicone to make them feel like real women. Except, unlike real women, these ladies never complain. My two cents? If you’re into this stuff, buy your own.


4 thoughts on “Rent-A-Blow Up Doll

  1. They’re not blow up dolls.
    You don’t blow them up.
    Yeah, yeah, semantics.
    They’re still one expensive sex toy.

  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I think that if you ever came to anybody’s house and found one of these sitting all coy in the middle of their room, it’s as sure a signal as any for you to run away–run away!