Pizzaky: The Open-Air Electric Pizza Oven


This open-air, ovenless pizza cooker will cook up to a 12-inch pizza using its upper and lower electric heaters. The flavor might not be as good as the conventional brick oven, but who has the money–never mind the space–to install one these days? This one’s just a little under $70. Available here.

4 thoughts on “Pizzaky: The Open-Air Electric Pizza Oven

  1. I’ve had one of these for a while — well not this particular model — and it doesn’t work all that well. Comes in handy for lightly toasting bagels, though.

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    Humm A spinning open air pizza oven. I dont know, from what my friend over at Pizza Locust tells me this just isnt going to get anywhere near the optimal temperature to properly cook pizza. It may, however, make a mean cheese crisp…

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