Multimillion Dollar Home Giveaway In Hawaii

What do you do when you’re one of the richest guys in one of the richest countries in the world, and you have a reputation for spontaneously evicting residents from your mutimillion dollar real estate ventures so you can sell them, and you want to redeem yourself? Well, Genshiro Kawamoto was in this kinda situation, and his solution to bad karma was to lease 8 of his many Oahu mansions to poor, single Native Hawaiian mothers who were previously homeless or on welfare.

Pictured left is the Worley family, who received this 5 million dollar home in Kahala. Needless to say, they’re psyched and grateful. Of course, the rich white neighbors in this neighborhood aren’t happy with the arrangement. They don’t want the ghetto natives from Waianae Coast (on the other side of the island, where homelessness is rampant) hanging out in Kahala (the posh ‘hood behind Diamond Head where some of Kawamoto’s homes are). Some apparently think that Kawamoto’s venture is all strategy and zero philanthropy–an attempt to drive down real estate prices in these wealthy areas by bringing poverty directly in, so he could buy up more land and then kick the poor people out again once he’s taken over.

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One thought on “Multimillion Dollar Home Giveaway In Hawaii

  1. I assume these mansions are fully furnished. And that the utilities will be on the house. And the grounds will be taken care of. Otherwise, this family won’t be staying there very long.