Lady Teacher Rapist Is On The Run

I just read this horrible story about a boy who was repeated raped by a female teacher at a children’s home run by the government. His parents were in jail, and he had no choice but to live there. And every night, the teacher–who was always on night duty, in her early 20s, and overweight–would come to his bed and take advantage of him. It started when he was 15, and still a virgin.

"She kissed me, fellated me and then had sex all the way to the end.
It must have lasted 10, 20 minutes. After she’d finished with me, she
told me over and over, ‘don’t tell anybody, don’t tell anybody," Boy A
tells Shukan Asahi, adding that he had never been with a woman before
that time. "I wanted my first time to be with a woman I liked."

that, every time Teacher K worked night shift, she would creep into Boy
A’s futon, strip his pajamas off him and have her way with him. She
also began sending him love letters, all of which ended by imploring
him to keep her actions a secret.

The kid finally told his sister when he was graduating high school, and now the teacher’s been fired and is running around avoiding calls from the boy’s family and the media.



2 thoughts on “Lady Teacher Rapist Is On The Run

  1. I really enjoy your blog, but I’m confused and upset by your need to describe the rapist as overweight. What does that have to with anything? Unless, perhaps, you are trying to illustrate that someone who is large must also be gross, repulsive, and totally incapable of attracting sex partners, so that the only option available to them is to rape the defenseless? That’s really vicious of you to rely on stereotypes about overweight people just to make this rapist appear even more the villain in your post.
    Very disappointing, Lisa.