It’s Porn!

PornThanks to reader comments and links, I figured out what this mass orgy was all about! It’s porn! You can buy the video here (Japan only), or download it here.

Orchestrated by a small porn production company in an effort to bring sales back up, the video brings 250 young porn actresses from all over the country into one room. They’re paired with a dude they’ve met for the first time, and then follow director’s orders to fuck like animals in a breeding farm.

Is it just me, or is this not that sexy?

4 thoughts on “It’s Porn!

  1. Yeah…I’m not sure this can really be considered sexy. Although it may be a good lesson that too much of anything, even love, is not necessarily a good thing.
    I also have a feeling that Guinness World Records won’t be too keen to be awarding them anytime soon for largest mass orgy.

  2. Ehe. You’re welcome for the info. I think it’s a bit strange myself, but then again, most porn isn’t realistic in the first place.

  3. There’s not much sexy about it, but it has its own appeal in a way. There’s something carnal and massively sinful about the idea of coming together as a group specifically for the act of sex. I’m not religious in any way, and I’m trying to discard as many essentially useless inhibitions as possible, so things like this can be helpful in that way. Not sure I’ve got the guts for something like this though, haha.
    The irritating thing about Japanese porn is the absolutely submissiveness of the women. Is this something that Japanese men require from their sexual partners, or is it what the producers perceive western viewers to want from Asian women?