Domestic Violence Reports Are Up

Police records show that there were 18,236 reported cases of domestic violence in Japan last year, making it the highest recorded number ever. This is up 8% from 2005, and 99% of the victims were female. But the most surprising thing about this piece of news is that domestic violence wasn’t officially monitored before 2002. So even though we say 2006 was the "highest," this is only relevant to the last 4 years.

This is my own presumption, but I don’t think this higher number necessarily indicates that domestic violence is occurring more frequently. If anything, it may have more to do with women feeling that it’s okay to report their fist-happy hubbies to the cops. Especially with the new divorce law kicking in on April 1st, women are going to be complaining–officially–a lot more in the coming years.

3 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Reports Are Up

  1. The stat of 99% of victims being women is bogus. As the victim of domestic violence myself, I can tell you we men do NOT report being attacked by women — EVER.
    If you think it’s hard for a woman to report a violent man attacking her try being a man getting hit by a woman. Oh yeah, and a lot of the demure, soft-spoken Japanese women can be as violent as any man with domestic violence.
    If there were over 18,000 cases of women reporting it then you know there’s at least 2-3 more for every one reported. But it’s almost impossible to gauge how many men get hit, scratched or assaulted by women in Japan. And yes, it happens.

  2. I might have to agree with that. I’d be shocked to find that there are actually male victims of domestic abuse who would have the balls to admit it to anyone besides the closest of their friends, and maybe not even then.
    And you know, I think it’s very true that there are plenty of women who can be equally as psychotically violent as any guy on any given day. My mother, for example, who once, in a jealous rage, lifted up an exercise bicycle (over her head, I might add) and tossed it with surprising force at my father’s head. And there was the time she threw several of our kitchen knives at him.
    So yeah, guys suffer quite a lot–we just have way too much testosterone to admit it.

  3. Violence is bad, regardless of who raises their hand against another.
    As for that new divorce law, hot damn! Time for a little slap and tickle with cute OL’s freshly divorced.