A Hundred Couples Having Sex In One Room


You’ll never believe what happens next. All these young, pretty women take off their clothes, get paired up with a man, and start having perfectly synced sex on the mattresses they’re standing on. I don’t know what to call it. X-rated fascism? Is it a cult? A scientific experiment? A hands-on sex ed class? A piece of art?

My guess is the latter.


12 thoughts on “A Hundred Couples Having Sex In One Room

  1. I have actually seen this before. It’s not 100 couples, it’s 250, and the movie is called “500 People Sex.” I watched it mainly for the “What the..?” factor of it. It was interesting because they all move in unison and switch positions at the same time – without any apparent signals. It’s sad that some of the pairs are old men with young ko-gals, though. Interesting.

  2. Yay for Crazy Japanese!

    I went to the page entitled A Hundred Couples Having Sex In One Room wondering what the double entendre (or…

  3. http://www.WTFsrsly.com has em up too with this explanation:
    Japanese porn studios ‘Soft In Demand’ pulled a huge stunt to try to get their productions picked up for distribution on the American market: they shot a porn movie with 500 people having sex in the same room. (and pixelated all their private parts individually for censorship).

  4. A Hundred Couples Having Sex In One Room: Sachen gibts.

    ich hab absolut keine Ahnung was da los ist also, was da los ist schon, aber was das ganze soll. Vielleicht ist mein Englisch einfach nur zu schlecht.
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  5. Miscela

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  6. Honderd koppels hebben sex in 1 kamer

    Honderden koppels hebben sex in 1 kamer. Voor de film moet je even een andere post bekijken. Nou bekijk het zelf maar even.