USB Face Mask Cleaner


It’s not unusual to see commuters and office workers wearing face masks out in public. It’s a perfect deterrent for germs and pollen in cities packed with weird vegetation and people who could be carrying who-knows-what. So why is this woman wearing this mask looking surprised? Actually, this is a look of happy disbelief. Homegirl’s sporting a USB-powered face mask cleaner, which has air vents that blows clean air into the tiny threads within the mask, cleaning them out and making it easier to breathe. Just plug into your computer, turn the switch on, and you’re guaranteed fresh air throughout the workday.

Product page (Japanese)

2 thoughts on “USB Face Mask Cleaner

  1. Oh *hell* yes. My coworker’s been complaining about how he’s convinced the air conditioners at work are messing up his poor lungs. This should sort him right out.