Nujabes, Tokyo’s Underground Hip Hop King

My friend Angela found all these slide shows made by some person on YouTube who calls himself The New Yamato, each one featuring awesome pics of Japan and some kick-ass Nujabes tracks. Gizmodo also used this track for his Akiba cell phone orgy video.

FYI…Nujabes is a Japanese DJ/hip hop producer who used to make music for the hypnotic Samurai Champloo manga series, and to date has two jazzy, hip-hoppy, AWESOME albums featuring artists like Shing02 and Five Deez. He frequently samples Miles Davis and Yusef Lateef, which makes him even cooler. I’m a big fan.

Nujabes MySpace page

5 thoughts on “Nujabes, Tokyo’s Underground Hip Hop King

  1. very nice track and great blog.
    do you happen to know who the mc’s are?
    i’m actually heading to tokyo in a couple months for a bit of research and i was wondering if you could tell me about the underground hip hop scene there, you know, who should i check out, which clubs to go to etc.

  2. I was linked to the robbed by scary white men but clicked on this being the hip hop head I am, its completely off the hook. I’ll be searching on Nujabes.

  3. a friend of a friend of your sibling sent me the link to this blog because i’m a big fan of nujabes…
    feather is probably my favorite song =)
    if you haven’t seen this Youtube clip before, it also features a nujabes track – Music is Mine, and the underlying concept is pretty damn cool