Man Kills Forest For Paraglide Launch

PatchSee that giant bald spot in the middle of this hill? That’s not natural, it was ordered by a company exec in Hiroshima who decided he needed 1100 trees cut down so he could launch his paraglider there. WTF?? Now the guy’s in trouble for violating the Forest Law.

The owner of this private forest had carefully planted these cedar and cypress trees, which were mostly between 20 and 50 years old, but 55-year old Hashimoto chainsawed them down. Damages were worth 7.5 million yen.

Mr. Hashimoto, you’re selfish and mean, and you suck.


2 thoughts on “Man Kills Forest For Paraglide Launch

  1. I love how the articles gives the impression that this guy cut them all down personally.
    I have an image of this grey-haired ojiichan — desperate to break out of the stultifying meaninglessness of Japanese corporate life by spreading his wings — going on a PCP-fuelled rampage with a chainsaw on top of mountain, and him waking up in a ditch the next day with sawdust on his hands.