Make Your DS Look Like A Leather-Bound Book

Alright, let’s face it. Despite the astounding success of "grownup" video games like Brain Age, it still looks a little…childish to be hooked to your game console all day. But there’s a solution to everything, and this leather-bound book cover is it for this particular dilemma.

Image_3 Carrying this around, you’ll look no different than the real serious businessman sitting next to you reading a How To Get Rich Quick book on the train. Well, except for your furious typing with the stylus. Maybe you can pretend it’s a Blackberry or something.

I like how the product page explicitly states that the purchase does NOT come with a DS Lite.

5 thoughts on “Make Your DS Look Like A Leather-Bound Book

  1. Yes… you should probably edit your blog post to accurately indicate that this is for DS not DS Lite… unfortunately!

  2. I recently bought a DS lite case online and was very disappointed that (like this one) there is no space for pushing the left and right keys located on the front spine. You’d think that in creating a case for a specific device you’d take into consideration the specs of it. >_>

  3. Wrap Your DS In Leather

    Stickers and crap like that are for kids. We are adults. And when we play with our DSes, we want to look grown-up (even if we are playing a token Nintendo “cutie”). And in Japan, where every book purchased…