Did The Yakuza Really Make Up?


According to the Japan Times, the Yakuza shooting that stirred up the city with the ominous fear of an apocalyptic turf war is not going to happen. So folks, you can all open your blinds and step out of your houses again.

This all started on Monday when a senior Sumiyoshi-kai member was gunned down by the Yamaguchi-gumi. Put together, these two yakuza conglomerates are responsible for about 99% of the scary people in Tokyo and 99% of those awesome summer festivals in Azabu Juban with the goldfish pools and delicious octopus balls.

Of course, I don’t even believe for a minute that the cops raiding the Sumiyoshi-kai HQ had anything to do with this ensuing period of peace. The cops got nothing on the yakuza, and we all know that. But still, an integral part of the yakuza code of honor is to not fuck with civilians, so I do believe it’s still safe for everyone to come out of hiding.

Don’t worry, Tokyo is still the safest city in the world!

One thought on “Did The Yakuza Really Make Up?

  1. Wow. I didn’t realize the Yakuza were still that active in Japan. I always sort of considered them a boogey-man type of deal told to tourists and children to keep them from doing silly things while visiting Japan.
    Still, I don’t think this makes my desire to see Japan wane. I’ve already become aware that I’ll be an outsider my whole time there, but I’m like that in America so I don’t really mind.
    Good blog, I really enjoy looking it over. Keep up the good work!