Watch DJ Ozma’s New Years Booby Show–Quick!


You think Janet Jackson’s tit falling out was bad? This year’s Kohaku Uta Gassen–the annual New Years Eve live music show that is as prestigious as the Grammy’s and as densely viewed as the Super Bowl–featured a performance by DJ Ozma that was much more provocative.

DJ Ozma’s background dancers consisted of a dozen or so female dancers wearing shirts with boobies painted on them, which made them look like cabaret dancers in Vegas. At the very end, they stopped gyrating for a second just to pull down their skirts to reveal a fake penis-like flower hiding their pee pees. The next day, NHK received over 250 complaints from astounded viewers. After all, everyone’s watching Kohaku on New Years Eve, including thousand of little kids and their parents.

Check out the full performance video here. QUICK–before the TV station takes it down again.

5 thoughts on “Watch DJ Ozma’s New Years Booby Show–Quick!

  1. excuse me! I don’t like you no more! You can’t tell me what to do you ain’t my daddy! Question! Where were you last night? Every night you always out! BITCH!

  2. Oh wow. It took me a while to realize that they were shirts (despite reading it first) I love DJ OZMA! The one thing I’m always focused on is the hair!

  3. ユニの自殺・DJ OZMAがコメント

    ユニ(U;Nee) 自殺ユニ(U;Nee)さん(韓国の女性歌手・25)が、自宅で首をつって死んでいるのが発見されました。このユニ(U;Nee)さんの自殺について、DJOZMAが自信のブログでコメントを発表しています。…