Sneaking A Peek In The Lap Pillow


In the US, there’s first base, second base, third base, and home. In Japan, there are a lot more bases than the baseball diamond metaphor can hold.

1. First there’s text messaging.

2. Then the virgin phone call.

3. Then they hold hands.

4. Then she leans on his shoulder at a karaoke bar.

5. And he puts his head on her lap for a "hiza makura" or lap pillow.

6. Then they get to first base, finally.

This New Years, I had the opportunity to get a real hiza makura from a foam bottom-half-only mannequin at a department store. But instead of putting my head on her lap, I decided to take a peek up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. But there wasn’t that much more to it.

This isn’t the same one I experienced but if you really want to get your own hiza makura, you can get one on Rakuten.

2 thoughts on “Sneaking A Peek In The Lap Pillow

  1. If you rocked up at some dudes house and he had one of these lying it around would it make the evening awkward? What I’m asking is, would something like this be treated as.. like a porno stash or an inflatable nurse – or just a pillow?