Ninja Train

Nija_trainI’ve never been to the Iga Ninja Museum in Mie Prefecture, but I did go to a makeshift ninja house in Odaiba last month. They show you all the tricks that these feet-shuffling, shuriken-hurdling spies had to manipulate, like slanted rooms and fake doors and spinning hallways.

But I think the museum is much more realistic. It showcases real ninja swords and outfits; teaches you about ninja traditions and customs; and will pretty much fix any misconceptions about the feudal assassins that Americans now associated with a bunch of masked green turtles.

You can even learn their skillz and sneak into the Ueno Castle. Fucking rad, huh? I wanna go.

Pictured left: the Ninja Train you take to get there.

(Thanks, Nelson!)

3 thoughts on “Ninja Train

  1. Hey Lisa, that’s pretty cool. Glad you wrote about it. I haven’t been there myself, but in my next time in Japan I’ll make sure I pay a visit. Cheers, Nelson.

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