New Restaurant Features Sexy Strippers Dressed Like Office Ladies


Here’s something you could do if you’re bored on a Friday night and need food and fun. OL Shabu Shabu Shomuni is a shabu shabu restaurant that just opened in November, and it serves more than just boiled beef and vegetables. The waitresses are all dressed like Office Ladies, and are required to strip down to the nude and then put on a slutty outfit at request, while you eat out of their hands. Yes, their hands! No chopsticks here.

Keep reading for more pics of the Corporate Stripper Waitresses and an explanation of Office Lady…


The  outfit these girls are wearing are typical "office lady" uniforms. The traditional Japanese corporate system is designed in such a way that women are not supposed to work for more than several years after college, at which point they usually get married to some guy at the office and are forced to quit. The jobs offered to them are futureless and mundane–hence the generic title "office lady."

Office ladies also suffer from frequent unreportable sexual harassment claims by older execs.

I don’t know if I feel that the mass proliferation of fetishistic entertainment venues like this and maid cafes and love hotels  perpetuate sexual harassment and the degradation of women, or if they stave off real-life manifestations of it.

Sometimes, you have to take weird shit like this just for what it is and enjoy it. Shut those nagging feminist questions in your head up.

2 thoughts on “New Restaurant Features Sexy Strippers Dressed Like Office Ladies

  1. There is something to be said about exploration of certain fantasies, however, you offer up a rather interesting question. Do fetish fantasies make things worse or better? I’m not sure things like this actually hurt anything. We like to point blame somewhere that makes sense, rather than where it really should be. “Experts” claimed that the reason Columbine’s tradgedy happened was because the two kids who perpetrated it were influenced by music, violent video games and an obsession with dark, anti-social behavior. While it was true they were interested in all those things, I believe more should have been done to try and figure out why they were predisposed to acting out on their violent fantasies. I think parents have some responsibility in how they raise their kids. I believe also, that not instilling a respect for life and safety plays a huge part in how these kids act as adults. You could take 100 men into a restaurant like this, and I would bet about 99 of them would come out of there, no worse for the experience. It was fun, good looking women stripping down and feeding you delicious food. Maybe got turned on and just had a good time. It’s the remaining 1 that might not know how to separate the fantasy from the reality. Not because of the restaurant, but because of his own mental issues. Whether it was this restaurant or magazines of videos, something would set off his predisposition, and he might commit some act that would be criminal and/or violent in nature.

  2. So, you eat out of their hands, but it’s shabu shabu. Sounds painful. Do they also pull your beef out of the boiling water?