Nanotech Supercoat Gadget Spray


You don’t want your beautiful, precious gadgets to get dirty–never mind stay dirty. This pretty little spray bottle claims to use nanotechnological goodness (specifically, high-efficiency fluoride polymer fluid) to keep your gadgets stain, fingerprint, and germ-free. Just one spritz–no scrubbing, no dusting, no potentially hazardous liquids. Old dirt is wiped clean, and newly introduced contaminants like static, dust, finger grease, and water bounce right off. For use on cell phones, digicams, iPods, iPhones, and all the other geeky machinery you carry around in your pockets.

Get one here.

6 thoughts on “Nanotech Supercoat Gadget Spray

  1. Nanotech Spray Protects Gadgets From Boy-Grease

    While all the Giz guys are up in Vegas ooh-ing and aah-ing over gadgets to come in the 07, I’m thinking, how the fuck are they going to keep their boy-grease from smearing all over their new toys? But…

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