Meet Tama, Your New Stationmaster

CatThis is not a joke, people. This cat is really the new figurehead stationmaster at Wakayama station. There really aren’t that many employable Japanese youngsters out there.

Incidentally, "Tama" is the number one most common feline name in Japan. And "Pochi" is the most popular dog name. It’s kinda like how in America the stereotypical dog and cat names are Spot and Fluffy, respectively. These days, though, I run into a lot more dogs named Bella and Bailey than Spot.

Another cool thing about being a cat in Japan–besides that fact that you can become stationmaster–is that, if you live up to the age of 20, you can get rewarded by your prefecture for longevity. My friend’s cat, Chumi, received this honor a few years before she died at the age of 24. Dogs get it when they’re 15. My parents’ dog, Ryukun, is a prime candidate to get this honor from Tokyo next year. Exciting!

Anyway, congratulations to the cat for his new job. Of course, he probably doesn’t get a salary or benefits. Maybe just free meals and a place to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Meet Tama, Your New Stationmaster

  1. I understand it’s not a joke, but the first thing I thought was the picture of a cat inside a PC tower, with a caption that I just can’t remember right now. In this case it may go something like ‘im in your train station something something, I’m no good at this kind of thing.

  2. Ryukun, our sheltie will turn 15 this year in September. Can you post a picture of him since he is still so beautiful and handsome, Lisa?