Make Perfectly Al Dente Spaghetti With This Device

Not everyone can cook pasta like Emeril. Here’s a nifty little cooking device that makes spaghetti as easy to make as Cup Noodle. All you have to do is put pasta, a pinch of salt, and pre-boiled water into the tube. Then lock the top in place, wait for the indicated amount of time +3 minutes, and voila! You have your perfectly al dente spaghetti dinner. If you’re worried about the sauce, just get those pre-cooked microwaveable sauce pockets at the supermarket.

Link (Japanese)

7 thoughts on “Make Perfectly Al Dente Spaghetti With This Device

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  2. The idea of using preheated water to cook pasta is not as daft as it might sound at first: It’s just the perfect way for outdoor cooking were you normally only got a single burner! Of cause you don’t need their device for that, a simple extra pot is more than enough!

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