Glue Stick On A Cell Phone


Here’s a personal secret: I’m a total stationary geek. I have like a billion notebooks and pens I have never even used yet. Most of them are from Japan, because Japanese stationary rocks. You never get the kind of quality pen and paper you get there anywhere else–in fact, I’m proud to say that I pioneered a movement of certain Wired editors using solely Uni-Ball Signo pens to write on magazine proofs.

So anyway, this thing here is a glue stick-and-ball point pen cell phone strap, available for purchase from here. I would totally buy each and every one, except they’re kinda bulky.

6 thoughts on “Glue Stick On A Cell Phone

  1. I quite agree about Japanese stationary products.
    I’ve got a couple of these pens:
    and they’re first rate.
    For an inexpensive plastic pen, the quality of manufacture is amazing. And, it’s perhaps the only ballpoint pen where the ink flows instantly. No need to “start” the ink by scribbling on a piece of paper before actually getting down to writing.
    While I didn’t mind ordering them from China via eBay, it would be a bit more convenient if ZEBRA had a U.S. distributor.

  2. Glue Stick Cellphone Charm

    Japanese stationary products are the coolest in the world. But putting a gluestick on a cellphone? Sounds like a great invention, for all those times you feel the need to spontaneously create construction paper collages. But it sure would suck…

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