“Game Dutch” For Comfort Gaming


Playing video games should be pure, childlike fun–not the cause for chronic neck and shoulder pain. Those are problems real adults should deal with, not thirty-something year old gamers who refuse to grow up.

This huggable cushion, called Game Dutch, from Japanese company Lofty (makers of the sleep analysis pillow) was carefully crafted to be huggable AND great for posture while you’re attached to your controller.

6 thoughts on ““Game Dutch” For Comfort Gaming

  1. Chest-pillow for gamers from Japan

    The Game Dutch is a Japanese chest-pillow intended for heavy players of handheld consoles. You prop the bottom on your crossed ankles and rest your chin on the top, letting you look down at your tight-clenching hands for extended hours of supported ga…

  2. Indeed! But I have to wonder if there is any connection between this supportive pillow and the other “supportive” pillow tagged in Japan with the name “Dutch Wife” (ダッチワイフ) – a blow-up sex doll.

  3. Game Dutch

    Długotrwałe giercowanie może okazać się męczące. Zaczynamy odczuwać bóle kręgosłupa, rąk czy ramion. Wtedy cioranie nie jest już cool. Japończycy jednak wpadli na pomysł, aby zwiększyć naszą wytrzymałość i sprawić aby gry przez d…