Doggie Treadmill For Small Dogs


Okay, I’ve heard rumors about doggie gyms and doggie treadmills, but this is the first time I’ve actually really studied one. This automated puppy walker from Belluna is made especially for those miniature toy dogs that are so popular in Japan these days, and can speed up to 5km/h for a hard core workout. There’s even a remote control so you can tell your dog, "Faster! Faster!" as you rev the thing up to max speed. Humans are so evil…but I kinda want one because Ruby’s getting too chub and lazy these days.

Link (Japanese)

7 thoughts on “Doggie Treadmill For Small Dogs

  1. Anybody know where I can buy one of these from? The Belluna website is in Japanese and I cannot read it.

  2. Yeah, I want to know, too! My chihuahua is full of energy…way too much energy for me to work off in the limited time I have to take her for walks! I’ve been looking for something like this. Where can I order one?? (In English!)

  3. regarding “the dog walker”, I too would like to know where can one purchase this item and yes I did go to the Belluna website and no go on the japanese lingo. Thank you.

  4. PLEASE help me get a high resolution picture of the puppy walker! I´m a Brazilian reporter and I´m working on an article about new tecnologies specially made for dogs. So I really need this pic for publishing in the newspaper Correio Braziliense. The problem is Belluna´s site is in japanese and I couldn´t find a single e-mail! Could you please help me get it? My e-mail is
    Thank you very much, I´m waiting for a response!!!

  5. what is the price, and the shipping to hawaii, is the motor silent or quiet with a soothing sound? my dog is sensitive to loud noises and machinery. please get back to me.