The Rap-While-You-Drive Steering Wheel Beat Box


Japanese rap can be pretty awful or pretty fucking awesome.Groups like Buddha Brand and Dragon Ash helped mainstream the genre and the cult of hip hop, spawning words like "chekiraccho" (Japanized version of "Check it out, yo") and making "Wassaaaap!" one of the coolest ways to greet a friend on crowded city streets. So here’s how you can practice becoming the top hip-hopper of all time: install this portable beat box on the steering wheel of your Escalade (or your Toyota).

The steering rapper provides 16 different sound variations, including a dozen beats produced by instruments from the synthetic drum to the Japanese taiko, dogs barking, a guy saying "Yoooo," and gunshots.

It’s also great for long drives when you’ve gotten sick of playing the name game and 20 questions.

Get yours here.

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