Spotted in Shibuya: Godzilla Drink Dispenser


Someone packaged Godzilla in a box and made him a drink-dispensing machine.

By sliding a canned drink between his legs and snapping it into place, Godzilla automatically spews its contents out of his mouth when tilted. He even lets out his signature roar ("GAOOOO!") with each pour. Here he is, out of his box now, chilling in my bedroom, keeping me entertained and quenched.

6 thoughts on “Spotted in Shibuya: Godzilla Drink Dispenser

  1. Godzilla Beer Dispenser

    Godzilla’s talents go way beyond destroying buildings and scaring innocent citizens of Tokyo. Here, he shows off his mad can-opening skillz. Every time you tilt him, beer spews out his mouth and he lets out a mighty roar. Lisa…

  2. You should put in something with a high alcohol content, then put some sort of ignition just at his mouth. Godzilla shooting flames out of his mouth (even though I don’t think he does that ?) would be really cool. Fun and Heating, what more could one ask for?