A Cell Phone Strap Figurine With Your Face On It


Now YOU can be a cell phone strap icon, too! Select a figurine from several clothing and body type options–a kimono, a monkey from ancient Chinese folklore, a sheep, a forune-bringing ceramic cat, or an afro-sporting, bell-bottom wearing soul train dancer–and order it from Rakuten. A faceless figurine will be delivered to your house a few days later. Then, take a photograph of yourself–or your baby, or your dog, or your girlfriend, or your boss, or whoever–and send it to the manufacturer for resizing. Seven to ten days later, you’ll get the picture back in a 3D, face-fitting format that you can snap into the figurine.

Check out the illustrated guidelines below to determine what angles are best for resizing.


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2 thoughts on “A Cell Phone Strap Figurine With Your Face On It

  1. Phone strap figure with a face – Your face

    Having worked for Phoneyworld, I must say I have seen various kinds of cell phone accessories which range from the obvious to the extremely creative, funky, strange. You name it and I must have seen it. The cell phone figurine…