One Machine Makes Toast, Eggs, and Coffee


Even miso-soup-and-rice-eating Japanese people crave an all-American breakfast every once in a while. This Japanese kitchen appliance lets you make toast, fried eggs, and coffee all in one go, without having to worry about micromanaging two stove top burners and a coffeemaker. It is lovingly  called the "Wake Up Morning Set," and–in case you care–expends 1140W of energy when all three functions are in play.

It’s pretty simple to use. Just pop a slice of bread in the toaster and twist the timer to the desired burntness. Then put some ground coffee bean in the filter and switch that part on. To fry your egg, simply flick the other toaster switch, crack your egg, and the heat from the toaster will start to warm up the metal plate on top. The whole breakfast takes about 10 minutes tops to make.

Impress Watch [Product review (in Japanese)]

16 thoughts on “One Machine Makes Toast, Eggs, and Coffee

  1. Japanese Toast-Coffee-Egg-Maker

    Here’s an an ingenious way to make a complete breakfast at home without having to inundate your kitchen with single-use appliances. This new product from Japanese company Chuo Sangyo lets you make coffee, eggs, and toast all in one…

  2. So cool! That would be perfect in my room. I wonder how much something like that would cost here in there states.

  3. Breakfast Machine is making me hungry

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but who has time to get bogged down in the morning making a meal that requires more than one appliance?…

  4. OKay, this IS available in the states already, its in a JC penny’s catalouge. can probly find it on their site.

  5. These have been around for quite awhile in western countries including some rather nicer-looking designs than the boxy one shown here and the JC Penney model. Engadget did a report on one two years ago.
    Anyway, I thought I’d mention that I believe this style of breakfast isn’t “all-American” – I think it’s British.

  6. I just got finished watching a Discovery Channel special called Modern Marvels that was on nothing but breakfast. They said that bacon, eggs, and toast started in the farmlands of America as the materials to make it were right on hand. Rich people would pay quite a bit to have the ingredients brought in every morning, and eventually when the icebox was invented, this delicacy was brought to mainstream America.

  7. My grandmom bought one of these from a mail order catalog – one of those catalogs with all the funky devices you’d never use. We couldn’t figure out how the make the top dial work. We were very disappointed ’til my uncle showed us how actually did work. My grandmom had lost interest in it by then and gave it away. It looks cool, but it’s really no fun and it’s smaller than you think.

  8. I had an American version of this and it gets very, very hot if you use all the functions. It’s small, and you’ve got heat coming from three areas. The toaster over was only large enough for one slice, too.

  9. Japanese Toast-Coffee-Egg-Maker

    We’re still in awe at the need to make toast, coffee, and eggs at the same time and have it fit in such a tiny space. It takes only 10 minutes to get all three cooked and brewed, and…