Best of TokyoMango–November 2006


It’s been almost three months since TokyoMango came into existence. As I go back and manually update photos from my archives (they got lost in the move from blogspot), I found some fun posts I invite you to revisit–or visit for the first time, if you’re new to the site.

Toyota‘s stripper scandal
A cell phone strap that detects ghosts
The return of a child killer in thong panties
The world’s simplest cell phone
Your very own Japanese school girl on a cell phone strap;

A business card-sized sperm analysis kit
A portable boxing ring gong
Tiny remote-controlled dinosaurs
A special report on how the otakus are going to kick bullies’ asses
A nifty microwave egg-boiling contraption
Transparent model household electronics
The W111! whistle
A penguin that likes food shopping
.. and the Top 5 coolest Japanese products from 2006

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One thought on “Best of TokyoMango–November 2006

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