Brian’s Cell Phone Orgy Video

Brian and James are visiting Tokyo, so I took them to Akihabara to check out the geek goods. We went to a maid cafe, where girls in skanky maid costumes serve you tea and layered cake. It was alright. We went to a sex shop with gyrating penis pockets and 150 different kinds of condoms. It was alright, too. And then we went into a cell phone shop that held a wide selection of DoCoMo, Au, and Softbank handsets. And the boys went wild. Well, at least Brian did. So much so that he made a romantic video about them. It’s actually pretty good, check it out.

The soundtrack is from Japanese rapper Nujabes’ newest album, Modal Soul.

Touching Dozens of Beautiful Japanese Cellphones [Gizmodo]

7 thoughts on “Brian’s Cell Phone Orgy Video

  1. I watched that whole thing expecting some wholly explicity phone on phone action. All it really did was make me feel really dirty for still having a black and white phone.

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