WARNING: Child killer Sakakibara Seito returns (in thong panties)!

If you were in Japan in 1997, you remember the gruesome murder of 11-year old Jun Hase, whose decapitated head was found in front of his elementary school gates on the morning of May 27. A note found in the dead child’s mouth identified the killer as Sakakibara Seito, who marked this incident as the beginning of some sick-o serial murder game. A month later, a 14-year old hikikomori psycho porn collector was arrested and charged with this and one other murder earlier that year of a 10-year old girl.

Because Sakakibara was below the age of criminal responsibility at the time, the his real name was kept confidential and, VERY disturbingly, he was released back into society in 2004 after four years of psychiatric treatment, plus a couple more at a juvenile detention center. Nobody thought he was fit to go back into society, but rules are rules, and his identity has remained a strict state secret. And so Sakakibara Seito was unleashed into the world…

Now here’s the breaking news: The notorious child killer has resurfaced in Ehime Prefecture, this time in a handmade thong. According to a 23-year old fashion health (a.k.a. sensual massage) worker, Sakakibara has been frequenting her shop and has been spending 38,000 a visit just to stare at the woman’s labia. Yeah, I know, really fucking weird, right? I’m not making this up. He also reportedly wears Speedo-type panties with the buns cut out that masks an impressive 8 1/4-inch member. The lady received a warning tip from a local private investigator, and reported her suspicions to a gossip magazine.

Criminal psychologists predict that Sakakibara will strike again, and that his next victim will likely be a mother-figure type prostitute. Full story here.

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