The simplest cell phone in the world.

Tech blogs love to rave about the newest high-tech super-slim multifunctional Japanese cell phones, but when I go back to Tokyo, I just fish my good old Tu-ka S out of the closet. Marketed primarily to senior citizens for being as self-explanatory as those old-school rotary telephones, they have NO functions–NONE–besides on/off, talk/end, and the 12-digit keypad. Alright, gadget geeks, stop freaking the fuck out. The awesome thing about this phone is that you could throw it off the top of Tokyo Tower or forget to recharge it for an entire cycle of the moon, and it will still work. (My shmancy Samsung Trace barely lasts two days without crying for more juice.) And it’s still slim and silver, not like those bulky black things people used in America in the 80s.

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