The penguin who goes shopping.

This is Lala, a Japanese penguin who likes to carry his Penguin Backpack to the fish market. The cutest part is when the old lady at the fish store says: "See you again tomorrow, Lala-chan!" and the penguin nods furiously. When he gets home to his rescuer fisherman’s home, the bird just walks into his little refrigerated room for some down time.

13 thoughts on “The penguin who goes shopping.

  1. What the hell is doing a penguin there!? I just don’t get the point of this. Penguins in the poles, lions in the jungle and so on, a penguin in a city?? not fair.

  2. Un pingüino de compras??

    No comprendo pq se saca de su entorno a animales no domesticos, no son perros, no son gatos ni gallinas. Son pingüinos, koalas, panteras, serpientes… no lo entiendo. Pero…. para gustos los colores, no? Aun asi me parece antinatural.

  3. My favorite part is that he has a penguin backpack. I think it would be cuter if he had a killer whale backpack, especially since killer whales eat penguins.

  4. Penguin Love.

    Just in time for the holidays, a penguin! Note: You should only click the above link if you enjoy seeing live penguins going shopping for fish. No lie! Props to Tokyomango for the link….

  5. Why would you want to see such a smart and adorable creature being run over by a car?!
    That’s like wanting to Santa Clause trampled by his reindeer.