Dear Mario piano guy,

I almost met my hero in LA this summer.

Word on the street was that the Mario piano guy was going to be at one of the post-E3 parties hosted by some gaming company. Ever since I saw the YouTube clip, I’ve been determined to find this guy because I’m convinced that hearing his music live will make me the happiest girl in the world. I had plans to send chain e-mails to my friends in Japan and post BBS messages on 2-channel in an effort to track this man down.

I got home this evening and decided it was time for a refresher session with my favorite music video. That’s when I found out that my search plans for the Mario piano guy had been misdirected all along. This dude is not Japanese! His name is Martin Leung, and he is in Brazil.

I decided to write him an open letter on my blog. 

Dear Martin Leung,

You are by far the most talented musician in the world. You play the Mario Soundtrack blindfolded the way Beethoven pounded out the Ninth Symphony without his hearing. And you look like Stevie Wonder in this picture. I love Mario too. Maybe one day we can play Mario Star Game together. (I will kick your ass!) Until then, I’m just going to continue to be amazed by your eye-less keyboarding skillz.

Have fun with the Girls in Bikinis in Brazil. You deserve it!


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