The Healing Log

With speakers on both ends and a switch in the middle, this Healing Log by Sega Toys uses a “digital sound feeling system” to induce moments of tranquility unmatched even by sleep. Anyone who has been through Narita Airport knows “Otohime,” which uses a similar concept to relax your bowels and cover up the sound of plopping poop. The Healing Log takes this one step further and promises to restore optimal mental balance among stressed-out urbanites.

“Street noises, computer work…the city is full of stressful situations. When you feel like you want to dive into nature for just one second at the home or office, just lightly touch the switch on the Healing Log. Baby birds chirping, river flowing, windchimes chiming…these three-dimensional sounds will bring you your very own moment of peace.”

I get it. It’s a cool idea. I don’t understand why it’s shaped like a log, though.

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