The baby prince and the divorce rate

There’s a slightly tragic element to the recent birth of Princess Kiko’s son. From a woman’s perspective, Japan really needed to have that debate about changing the Law that only allows male heirs to the throne. Now that a boy has joined the ranks of the all girls Imperial descendant’s league, the discussion will likely be shelved for another generation or two.

On a brighter note for disenfranchised women in samurai nation, next April will bring into effect a new law that will entitle them to up to half of their ex-husband’s 401K in the event of a divorce. This is great news! Up until now, women had no incentive to leave their cheating, beating, bread-winning hubbies.

There’s been a lull in the divorce rate ever since the law was announced three years ago, an experts predict that women are waiting in the wings until they can cash in on their share of the family fortune and jet out of there. To alert paranoid husbands, Japan’s Weekly Post published a list of 10 warnings signs.

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