Japanese politics: the man who can explain it all and make you laugh.

Does the political scene in Japan put you in a confused frenzy? Do hours of contemplating why Abe got elected prime minister leave you in a cerebral pretzel? Well, there’s a man out there who can explain the most intricate factional labyrinth to you in a nutshell. Gerald Curtis. I salute you for teaching the best politics class ever in the whole world. For painting these hard-shelled Japanese men who run the country as simple humans that we lay people can understand. According to Professor Curtis, Abe is an ideologue where Koizumi was a sentimentalist.

Read Professor Curtis’ opinion on Shinzo Abe’s challenges here. Or get one of his books on Amazon. They’re actually really insightful and fun.
(Thanks, Mary, for sending me the article!)

The Logic of Japanese Politics by Gerald L. Curtis = 5/5 stars
The Japanese Way of Politics by Gerald L. Curtis = 4/5 stars

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