I heart clean toilets.

Akihabara is famous for being geek heaven, but starting in October it will also host the first public luxury toilet facilites in Chiyoda Ward. For 100 yen, commuters using the central exit at Akiba station are guaranteed a clean, aromatic, well-guarded toilet facility, complete with an information center and a separate smoking section. A survey revealed that only 3% of public toilet users are women. (Don’t ask me why such statistics exist. This is Japan, the country that loves “shimoneta,” or stories about things that happen below your waist and above your thighs.)

I have two questions for Chiyoda Ward:
1. What about people who like to smoke while they poo?
2. Are you screening their security guards to make sure they don’t have tendencies toward climbing over toilet stalls and molesting women?

(via Slashdot Japan)

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