American staplers are stupid

Today, I spent at least half an hour straight trying to get a stupid staple out of a stack of papers I stapled together by mistake. First I used my nails, which ruined the paper (and my nails). Then I used one of those staple remover things, which is too big to fit in between the staple and the paper, so the long part (see illo, part A) came off and the ends (B) stayed stuck in the paper. So I had to leaf through each piece of paper and pull them out of the straightened ends (B).

Japanese staplers all have non-aggressive staple remover hooks inconspicuously built into their butts. I don’t care if you steal the idea from my blog, Swingline. But this office needs new staplers, like, right now.

One thought on “American staplers are stupid

  1. American staplers ARE stupid. Last week the mechanic’s shop stapled a claim ticket to my car key, but the staple wasn’t very “tight.” When I turned my car off, the staple gouged my finger!

    I can’t say I’ve ever shed blood because of anything as small as a staple – even a splinter comes out pretty clean. Argh…